(for girls in Worship Dance 3 & up, unless otherwise specified by teacher)

The following measurements were created for dancers around 5’ 4" tall. If you are shorter or taller, change accordingly (including yardage of fabric).


You will need a white Crepe material for the skirt. Buy 4 yards. You can now purchase material from CMA, call Jill Cook at 720-308-9291 for ordering information. 


  1. Open up fabric. One selvage will become the seam allowances. Use a pen or pencil attached to a string as a compass to make two half circles with a radius of 35".
  2. Cut belt out of leftover fabric 5" x 72".
  1. Place one half-circle on top of the other and sew a seam down the long straight edge. Press open.
  2. Fold skirt into eighths. Cut off corner to make opening for waist. You want to end up with an opening about 1 - 2" too big.
    For a 24" waist, start with a 3" cut.

  3. Open up skirt and take out about 5-1/2 - 6" of one side seam. Reinforce end of stitching to prevent it coming undone further. Try on the skirt and check size of opening. If it’s too big, there’s not much you can do! But in the end, too big is better than too small. If it’s too small, cut a little bit more all the way around (a little bit adds up; try just 1/8" or so). The reason you want it a bit big is that the skirt draws up some when you attach the belt. Also, you want to make sure there’s not a gap when you wear the skirt; an overlap is better.
  4. Topstitch side opening. Reinforce end of stitching at top of other side.

Make Belt      

  1. Fold each short edge in about 1/4".      
  2. Fold belt in half lengthwise. Press.
  3. Open up and fold each long edge in to meet at the center crease and press.
  4. Refold along original center crease to make a belt with 4 thicknesses. Belt should now be about 1-1/4" x 71-1/2". Excess is used to tie around waist.
Attach Belt
  1. Find center of belt and mark. Starting at marked center and side seam that has not been opened up, encase waist opening of skirt into belt opening about 1/4 - 3/8" and sew. When you reach the opened side seam (and end of skirt), keep sewing belt to close it.
  2. Repeat with other side of belt and skirt waist.
  1. Try on skirt to check length. Trim if necessary. Zigzag bottom edge for hem.
For the Belt
  1. Buy 1 yard of gold lamé
  2. Cut a square with 30½" sides
  3. Make a small hem on all four sides
  4. The square will be folded into a belt
For the Scrunchie
  1. Out of leftover lamé, cut a piece 4" x 30"
  2. Make a small hem on each short end
  3. Sew a ½" seam with long edges together. Turn tube inside-out
  4. Thread an 8" piece of elastic through snd stitch ends
  5. Hand-stitch ends of lamé together

To complete the costume you will need a short-sleeved white blouse or loose fitting t-shirt (no leotards).
 The shirt must cover the stomach and must not be 'see-through'.  You will also need pink tights and pink ballet slippers.  Wear hair in a tight bun.  Students wearing 'circle skirts' are required to wear pants slip under their skirt.