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    CMA Radio Interview in Kyushu 2005 Our initial vision for Japan began in the heart of our good friend and CMA mom, Char Kennicutt. (see the story from last year here) After spending 3 weeks traveling across 2/3 of the country in 2005, we fell completely in love with the people of Japan. From the time she returned home, Tiffany wanted to go back. (she was actually asked to return and stay!) God is so faithful, we were invited back by more than one ministry. Unfortunately, our schedule did not work with those in Tokyo, Toyohashi, and Nagano. But Aroma Ministries in Kyushu wanted us to come and work with them for 12 days. (no zipping across country every day by "shinkansen", bullet train.) We will have a much better opportunity to work closely with Hiroaki (Rocky) and Marla Ayatsuka and their ministry, developing a real relationship with them and their families.
    • Worship the Lord in dance to Japanese & English worship songs in churches, a youth camp, and a theater setting; including outreach and personal witness to children, young people, university students, adults and families.
    • Through our Japanese interpreters, we will share the Word of God and our testimonies.
    • Pray for and minister to the individuals & families with whom we will be working.
    • Teach children through adults how to worship the Lord through their lives and dance.
    • Teach/Inspire young girls to remain pure, physically and emotionally, focusing this time of their lives on deepening their relationship with Christ.
    • Continue our ongoing dialog with individuals and churches all across Japan.
    • The "arts" are very popular in Japan and many non-Christians come to see these Amerika-jin dancers and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and experience the love of God for the first time.
    • Japan Team will follow up, stay in touch, teach the Word of God and get new Christians grounded in a fellowship of believers or in a local church (if there is one in their city).
    • Teach "How to Start a Worship Dance Ministry".
    • Long-term vision is to have a CMA ministry in Japan. A ministry that will teach people first to know Christ, develop a personal relationship with Him, to boldly share their faith with others, train them in the art of ballet and dance, and teach them to use their talents and skills to magnify the Lord... to worship Him whole-heartedly, in spirit and in truth... and then teach others what they have learned.
    Worship the Lord
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    • Learn more about Japan and the history of Christianity in their country by reading the "Japan Profile".
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    This is an incredible opportunity for God to use the CMA family to reach a needy people half way around the world! We are so excited about what the Lord can do through us and we would love for you to be a part of it! Just think, a worship ministry based out of Littleton, Colorado with a simple desire to teach and train others to worship, now has an opportunity to stir up this same vision thousands of miles away! We thank God for His incredible plans, which are much bigger than we could have ever dreamed!

    If you would like to participate in this exciting and rapidly developing outreach opportunity, you may Contact CMA HERE, or visit our "Support" page.

    Jesus Christ is Lord

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